Thursday, February 23, 2017

Word Count Wednesday 2/22

Word Count Wednesday

What am I working on?
This weekend my goal is to work on a poem I started and getting the next sections of my short story typed up so I can start editing and hopefully share both on my blog by Monday (fingers crossed!). I have posted the portion of the story I turned in for public viewing. This is the first piece I have shared publicly ever, it’s a bit nerve wracking.

Total Word Count?
5ish pages

How do I feel about the process?
Feeling good, enjoying writing!

What am I reading now?
There is a book I want to pick up called Project Snow, it is supposed to be a reimagined Snow White with sci-fi mixed in.

Weird Dream Story

This is as far as I am in this story so far, I have a couple more sections to add. I wanted to get some sample of my writing up here for now. Hope you guys enjoy!


It was just before sunset and, like most summer evenings, it was warm and the sky was a clear blue. My family and I sat on the patio and waited for the sun to set while the smell of smoke still clung to the air. We were having a barbeque at my mother’s house. We heard the sirens after coffee but before dessert.

They demanded we head to the nearest shelter immediately.

We were prepared. The news had been warning us for months this could happen. So, we had practiced. The plan was for me to grab the first aid kit, stuffed in a backpack full of necessities. My father would carry the larger bag of supplies, and my mother would be responsible for my little sister.

Now it was really happening. My mom’s screaming bled together with the wailing sirens. I snatched the backpack I was responsible for and raced out the door, my father at my side. We were ushered in to a neighbor’s car without, I realized, my mother and sister. They were left somewhere behind and as I grew hysterical, another neighbor outside the car shouted a promise that he would get them to the shelter too.

Numb, the car ride, became a blur of sounds and shapes rushing past me. I hardly noticed when we arrived at our destination. My dad and I got out of the car and were instantly swept up in a crowd of terrified, panicked people. They were pushing us into the school gym and I rode the current of that rushing, human river far stronger than I.

The gym of our local high school was our neighborhood’s designated emergency shelter point. I looked up at the old thing, my hopes bleak. This was to be our safe place. This building that was losing the battle to time was to keep us protected from whatever it was that waited outside its doors.

Someone in the crowd took me by the wrist and my heart leapt into my throat. I spun around with a shout, only to see my tear-stained father.

“We have to find [MC] and [MC],” he said. His hand, still on my wrist, began trembling. “We have to find them, [MC]!”

I scanned the crowd with a pit in my stomach. What if we couldn’t find them? But after a few minutes, my father announced that he spotted my mother in the crowd and tugged me over to her.

When we got to her, my father embraced my mother and kissed her. I looked for [Sister] and the pit in my stomach turned into nausea. My sister was missing and somehow my mother was unnervingly calm. It was as if none of this had shaken her; as if her screams to get out of the house were for the benefit of our neighbors and not her own panic-stricken frame of mind.

“[Mom], where is [Sister]?” my father asked. The distress in his voice was hardly contained.

Mom didn’t respond. It was like she couldn’t even hear him. Out of anger, or maybe annoyance, my father walked away to go find my sister on his own.

“Mom…where is she?” I quietly asked, unsure if she could hear me or not. My mother met my gaze, but not with eyes I knew. The loving, devoted mother, the one who spoiled me and my sister and would do anything for us, wasn’t standing in front of me. This woman looked like her, sounded the same, but her eyes… They were someone else’s eyes staring back at me, as if through a cold and unfamiliar mask.

This person wasn’t my mother. It wore her face but it was something else entirely.

Timidly, I asked again: “Did you bring her with you?”

“She wouldn’t have made it anyway.” Her cool response hit me like a slap in the face. I even took a step back, mind reeling, and hot tears began to fall from my eyes. Whoever this was had left my sister behind to face what was happening alone. My arrival was a blur but my exit was sharp and clear. I pushed through the people blocking the doorway, I fought the current of civilians trying to get inside, and I was the only one trying to get back out. I would face whatever was out there, alone if I had to. But I was going back for [Sister].

I was going to find my sister.


            The sun had set, and the dark exodus of terrified strangers continued to push into the building. Many yelled at me.

“No! What are you doing?”

“Where are you going?”

“Get out of my way!”

“Get back inside! You’ll die if you stay out here!”

I ignored them. I had no idea what was waiting for me but I had to get back home. I finally pushed my way through the edge of the crowd and darted toward a tree.

From my new position, I noticed men in strange suits were shepherding people into the building. I hadn’t noticed them before, when my father and I had arrived.

Once they had funneled the rest of the crowd inside, they shut and barred the double doors to the gym. Something metallic caught my eye. About half the men wore strange things on their backs. I squinted.

They were steel backpacks, each with a hose attached to a pole.

Everyone without a backpack retreated. Those with them used the poles to spit fire all around the building. Flames poured through the nozzles and splashed over the building. They were burning the building down with everyone inside.

Equal parts horrified and shocked, I turned and ran.

The heat from the fire and the screams from everyone inside clawed at my back and ears. Tears streamed thick down my face as I made my way home. The night was cool but my ears rang and my back burned with the guilt that I had escaped whatever was going on. I ran past people fleeing their homes and dodged more men in suits.

By the time I made it home, I was surprised my legs were still connected to my body. I stepped on the lawn and collapsed. My stomach ached and my eyes were red. I tried to catch my breath then forced myself to get back up, to keep moving. I had made it, I just needed to go inside.

            The door hung open on its hinges, but it looked anything but inviting. My heart pounded heavy in my chest and for all my drive, I stopped and stood on the front stoop. Someone had come through and destroyed the interior of my childhood home. Chairs were flipped, books and knickknacks were strewn across the ground, and the contents of drawers had been cast everywhere.

I swallowed my fear and walked inside. I peeked into the kitchen. The fridge hung open and pots and pans decorated the floor. I listened but heard nothing but my own labored breathing. Softly, I called my sister’s name. Initially there was no response, but then there came the faint sound of something moving inside the cabinet that once housed the pots.

I quietly made my way over and whispered her name again. The cabinet door creaked open and I caught a glimpse of my sister hiding inside. I opened it a little further, relieved to see her. I did my best to smile and then I reached for her, but as I did, I noticed there was something sitting next to her. I couldn’t make out much of its shape, but it was staring back at me with cold dead eyes.

Terrified, I ripped my sister from the cabinet and slammed the door shut. I took her into my arms and rushed out of the house as fast I could, back in to the unforgiving night.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Word Count Wednesday 2/15

Word Count Wednesday

By the time I start remembering to do this on time the semester will have ended.

What am I working on?
Still working on everything for class, my house assignment is due Wednesday so I am working on getting that finished up.

Total Word Count?
Still at between four and five pages worth of words, working on making the words work for the story. Quality over quantity for right now.

How do I feel about the process?
I feel okay, I am at a point where I am ready to work on something else so I am getting a little fidgety with the story I am working on. It is really easy to get the stuff written, it is hard to go back and edit to make everything flow correctly.

What am I reading now?
Still On Writing, going to start the other book for class soon!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Word Count Wednesday 2/8

Word Count Wednesday Thursday

I'm going to be honest, I totally forgot to do this last night because I went to bed extremely early.

What am I working on?
Mostly my short story that is due for the House project. But I have started a poem and look forward to getting some work done on a story that is unrelated to class work.

Total Word Count?
Still not counting my words, but I have one poem started and about three and a half pages of a story written up. I do have a goal of finishing up my short story and the poem. I am also aiming to knock out the map experiment sometime soon, I have a clear idea of what I want to write.

How do I feel about the process?
I’m excited to be writing again! I have been having some trouble getting anything down on paper but I think I have gotten past my mental block (at least for now).

What am I reading now?
Still reading class related material and my boring textbook. Hopefully I will be receiving content from my fellow Glowdark members to read, which I am looking forward to! Everyone had such great ideas for what they were working on. I also have a personal friend who should be sending me some chapters from her book soon to preview!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Word-Count Wednesday

I feel like I should put something up top but I am not totally sure what. So...hello.
Disclaimer: I enjoy not having to be super formal on here, so please do not expect my usual essay quality.

What am I working on?
Once again I am getting caught up on all of the experiments for creative writing, I have not finished officially writing anything, but I have a lot of solid ideas and have broken down at least two of the assignments in to the information I want/need so as soon as I have time I can write them up.

Total Word Count?
It's still a secret. But like, at least four notebook pages. And I use a college ruled notebook. It's a pretty big deal.

How do I feel about the process?
I enjoy the process of breaking the scenes I plan on writing about apart and looking at every aspect I can. I like writing about the environment they take place in, and exploring the six senses of the characters. Outlining what will happen has also helped me keep track of where things need to go. My least favorite part is sitting down and typing it up, so I do have to get over it and do that so I can share my works here.

What am I reading now?
I am still reading "On Writing" (do I underline it...?). I am up to a whopping page 30, please hold your applause.
I am also reading a very boring text book about Adobe Illustrator for another class and it has sadly made me not want to read anything else for enjoyment because it is an incredibly dry text.

Word-Count Wednesday achieved.

Word-Count Wednesday for 1/25

I missed the last Word Count Wednesday because I was out sick, so I will be posting two today.
One for last week one for this week.

What am I working on?
Working on the experiments we have been assigned in class and attempting to keep up with all of my homework.

Total Word Count?
It's a secret. Mostly because I don't have the actual number.

How do I feel about the process?
Okay, I am having a hard time staying inspired right now because I am very busy. I have also been reading everything I can about what is taking place with the big Cheeto president and sometimes it gets me pretty down as well as distracted from my own creative goals.

What am I reading now?
Stephen King’s “On Writing” for class.

I wanted to point out I have gotten the blog to work on my computer by using a different internet browser, in case anyone else is still having problems.